Third Wave Company

Reasons to contact Third Wave

  1. You need a digital consigliere to guide you through managing your company's digital systems, software stack, IT, web presence, and/or social media strategy. 
  2. You're part of a venture-backed business that is looking for growth acceleration or conversely to transition from growth to profit oriented operations.
  3. You are building or looking to build your own innovative business and want to do it with Third Wave's resources.


The Third Wave management team provides growth consulting, engineering, development, and design services to the companies that lead our economy.

For 15 years the Third Wave team has serviced large public companies, government municipalities, and non profit organizations in industries including robotics, large data model ai, drones, open data, edtech, and gaming.

Consulting clients include Time Warner Cable, Comcast NBC Universal, Elsevier, the State of Pennsylvania, and the Phladelphia Orchestra.

Our team is headquartered locally in Philadelphia with team members throughout the US.


Third Wave invests its own capital into category defining companies and tech-enabled real estate via Third Wave Capital.

As single LP investors, Third Wave has the freedom to build from scratch, pursue creative venture structures, and most importantly to move fast without wasting founder time.




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